What happens when grapefruit, ale and helium are mixed? Unusually refreshing beer for all those who want to try something new!


Heli Yeah pale ale is ale drinkable beer with light and bright flavour from Fabula Craft brewery. It is very light and contains a different species of hop such as Cascade, Columbus, Mosaic and Simcoe which gives the beer floral, citrus and tropical note. This pale ale beer with his very sweet bitterness and interesting aromas will perfectly lead you to the world of crafts beers, and helium will give you incredible and unimaginable fun and joy.

Magnificent beer beautiful dark brown color and flavour similar to caramela. Dark ale contains 3,5% of alchocol. Because of his specific flavour it is intended for experienced beer drinkers who loves different and refined flavours, but also to all who want to have fun and make a good laugh with helium.

New mixture of light beer, juice with a large share of fruit and helium! A great choice when you get thirsty and desire fun and shrill voice! For the taste blast, there is an unforgettable grapefruit, and for the fragrant aroma you have ale. With helium and grapefruit, full pleasure is guaranteed!


Strong dark ale beer, with intensive flavor and aroma that comes from a rich mixture of orange, cinnamon, cloves and star anise. It will blown your mind, with both taste and aroma. On top of that the percentage of alcohol for the Christmas time is on ideal 6.9%! Also with the addition of helium, fun is guaranteed!

We thought of all of you looking for good, quality beer with helium, so we placed the plug on the bottle, which prevents the helium evaporation and the absence of fun! HELI YEAH!

HELI YEAH is a product of our imagination and can not be bought anywhere. It serves as a promotion of Fabula Design Studio. This has shown that we can spread the news about your product or service with interesting design. Imagine what we could do by collaborating together?

So send us your inquiry with your product or service you want to design.

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HELI YEAH | dr. sc. Filip Cvitić – art director, Nina Romić – design, brand, photography