Do You want to make your product visible? You have quality content but don’t have the right package? Entrust us Your project and we will make it unique! We’ve proven that it’s possible to make a relevant and an attractive culture-based product. For more information, mail us on info@fabula-croatica.com.

Besides designing packages, visual identities, logos and web-design, we offer a unique service:

QR code – GPS
If You want an adress of your desired destination, scan this QR code. Zoom in to scan with phone.

QR code – Email
Instead of typing e-mail adress, subject and even text by yourself, scan this QR code and it will do this for You! Zoom in to scan with phone.

QR code vCard

With this QR code, you can save the person’s contact data directly to your smartphone. With it you are saving time as well as eliminating the possibility of an error. Zoom in to scan with phone.

QR code text
A QR code which offers writing text offline. Zoom in to scan with phone.

QR code WiFi

If You want to connect to a network without searching for one or typing in a password, You can just scan the following QR code. Zoom in to scan with phone.


QR code call
QR code can call a number from Your contacts that is also written in QR code. Zoom in to scan with phone.

We professionally design one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) barcodes. Let Your own barcode be a part of Your product


We transform regular barcodes into designed barcodes.


Users scan designed barcodes more often (up to 30%) than they do the traditonal ones.*

*Tolliver-Nigro, H., Making the most of Quick Response Codes. The Seybold Report (9) 21, p. 8




We are experienced in design work in multiple activities. We live and breathe design and we approach it analytically and we choose intelligent solutions. We recommend our clients the best possible way to the market. We use our knowledge about production and distribution of our own products so that Your products can be more visible on the market.