What are DOBRO 1, 2, 3 and 4?

DOBRO is a type of chocolate with an interesting story about a particular town. It is of the highest quality and represents the perfect choice for true gourmands and chocolate lovers.

DOBRO za Lošinj

Napravili smo nove čokolade DOBRO (DOBRO 5 i DOBRO 6) personalizirane za naručitelja Jadranka trgovinu d.o.o. Kako je riječ o društvu na Lošinju njihov glavni motiv je Apoksiomen. Ove čokolade možete od sada naći ekskluzivno u gradu Mali Lošinj.

Our collection

Chocolate bar DOBRO 4

Chocolate DOBRO 4 is the next product in category DOBRO. DOBRO 4 promotes the city of Split and all its interesting history in one place. The story of Split can be found in the certificate inside DOBRO packaging.

Chocolate bar DOBRO 3

FABULA CROATICA proudly presents white chocolate called DOBRO Zagreb which promotes the story of Zagreb. Its nickname White Zagreb is the reason for associating white chocolate with this city.

Education through delight

This is a story about a new category of products – edible products called DOBRO that are part of the FABULA CROATICA project. FABULA CROATICA DOBRO is a product that promotes cultural values. In addition to providing exquisite delight, DOBRO chocolate brings cultural heritage closer to a wide range of people.

Chocolate with a story

The stories that are told through this product (stories about music, art, science, economy, customs and daily life of the people which make up a town) will provide something for everyone. Everyone will be able to find in them something they can relate to in their everyday life.

DOBRO name

The category of edible products of the FABULA CROATICA project is named after the fourth letter of the Glagolitic alphabet – DOBRO. The Glagolitic letter DOBRO is equivalent to the Latin letter “D”. The symbolism behind the letter DOBRO is connected to kindness, human senses and cognition. Given that DOBRO represents chocolate, the symbolism behind the letter DOBRO is related to the characteristics of chocolate. The letter DOBRO is also the fifth letter of the Glagolitic alphabet, so it also signifies a great product.

Naručite DOBRO čokolade kao poslovne poklone Vašim partnerima.

Glagolitic alphabet as a recognizable component

Script and language are the main determinants of a culture. Since the Glagolitic script is the visual code of the FABULA CROATICA project, it was chosen as a recognizable component of DOBRO chocolate.

Identity continues

The red line, as one of the main visual elements of the FABULA CROATICA project, is part of this product as well.

Product communication

In addition to language and script, the main constituent of a culture, society or state is its people. Without people, a culture is not sustainable. So as not to forget the names of people whose work has contributed to the betterment of the world, this product promotes their names.

Made in Croatia

DOBRO chocolate is made from the best cacao and other high-quality ingredients by Croatian Chocolatier.

A Fabula for everyone

Each chocolate contains a story (fabula) in Croatian, English, German and Italian that holds the information which enables you to get to know the cultural values of the town that the DOBRO product represents.

Look into the future

Each new flavour will be paired with a new story about a particular town, which enables you to collect them.