What is AZ 2?

AZ products are portraits of personages whose work and creative endeavour have left a mark in the world. Through them, FABULA CROATICA promotes their values. AZ can serve as a business gift, a reward for success and results in a competition or project or as a painting hung on the wall of an institution, enterprise or home as a reminder of that person’s greatness and contribution to the world.

AZ 2 represents Nikola Tesla, whose many inventions and patents changed the world.


The distinctive red line

The line drawn from the visual identity of the FABULA CROATICA project rounds the product and gives AZ its characteristic distinctiveness.

White AZ 2

The thin wooden frame is of the same colour as the passe-partout and the content. In addition to being elegant and refined, this gives AZ 2 continuity of form.

The back of AZ 2

The red line that runs along the side of the product blends into the red background, giving AZ a special appearance from all sides. The back is made in such a way that there is no space between the product and the surface when AZ is hung on the wall.

Nikola Tesla and the Glagolitic script

AZ 2 tells two parallel stories: one about the life and work of Nikola Tesla and the other about the Glagolitic alphabet. These promoted values are linked, and the same can be said of the other personages. Although he achieved great success, Tesla did not come up with his inventions for himself, but for the good of mankind. The responsibility that Nikola Tesla felt towards mankind is also present in the Glagolitic script.

Glagolitic culture is a culture and civilization aware of itself, aware of the strength and dignity of its own language. This is evidenced by the message embedded in the Glagolitic alphabet, which can be interpreted as follows:

“As an educated person, I am aware of my responsibility to do good by other people.”

Personalize your AZ 2

Your can give AZ 2 to your business partners, colleagues, friends or family with a personalized message of up to 28 characters. Let your personalized AZ 2 – Nikola Tesla speak to others.