GLOGENA app 2.0

Send your selfie that you made with GLOGENA, a mobile application for making postcards and create real works of art. Send an instantaneous postcard to your loved ones, friends, colleagues or relatives to any country in the world. Download it from Google Play!

Stiglo je nekoliko novih motiva u GLOGENU

Promocija posebnog mjesta

Glogena represents one way how to create a visually attractive and fun memory which you can instantly share with everybody.

Choose an illustration

Take a selfie and design your attractive memories with one of the graphics available from our mobile app.

Best memories

Share your important events, your vacation, special moments and best memories this holiday with your family, friends, colleagues and relatives. Create your small works of art and send them anywhere you want in the world countless times.

Mysterious script

Write your message simultaneously on two scripts, on unusual script called glagolitic script as well as Latin script. Via a simple button change their hierarchy as you wish. Change the color or width of this interesting script.

For best moments

Create something special and remember the place of your vacation even better.

Create a photo on a concert, of your recepis, friends, a photo of yourself on a beach or anywhere else. Combine them with illustrations from application’s gallery and create real works of art.

Combine interesting scripts

Via GLOGENA mobile app you can use Glagolitic script fonts as well as Latin script one. You can choose between five different fonts from this interesting script. These five fonts are created from Epistula Croatica family.

Sending instantaneously

After you design your personalized postcard, you can send it instantaneously to anyone, anywhere in any way possible. You can do that via your installed apps on your smartphone. If you are sending a postcard via MMS, a Facebook post, a message on Viber or WhatsApp all that you can do via GLOGENA app.

Excellent souvenir

If you want to carry a souvenir from an unforgettable place or an unforgettable event and send it to your friends via MMS, e-mail or social networks, GLOGENA is the ideal application for you.

Izmjenili smo sučelje

Od sada možete u bilo kojem položaju mobitela mijenjati Vašu čestitku. Odaberite si poziciju koja Vam je najpreglednija i najpraktičnijia.

Novi dodaci

  • Mogućnost postavljanja slika iz Vaše galerije slika
  • Mijenjanje pozicije teksta bilo gdje na ekranu
  • Mijenjaje veličine i pozicije Vaše fotografije u glavnom ekranu GLOGENE
  • Mogućnost pomaka motiva lijevo ili desno
  • Mogućnost pomaka maske lijevo ili desno