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FABULA CROATICA is a project with a mission to modernize and promote parts of Croatian cultural heritage by creating high-quality products and services. Each product has a story inspired by cultural heritage and contains a dose of mistery which reveals the lost identity of Croatian history.


We are determined to make inovative and authentic products.

If you are looking for an attractive design for your product or service, you are in the right place! Designing packages, brochures, web-pages, logos and advertisements is our expertise. We believe that our analytical approach and experience on the market makes us a trustworthy partner in creating your visual identity.

We create products that cover multiple activities which make your everyday life more comfortable.

Our seminars Make your products visible gives you theoretical and practical knowledge on promoting your own products.

We are the only studio in Croatia which professionally designs barcodes. Besides 2D barcodes (QR codes), we design 1D barcodes – inevitable comoponent of every product. We  work on improving the aesthetics of barcodes and one of our work is published in a renowned Korean magazine KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems.



Fabula Domena is a unique service that provides you unlimited space for promoting your own products and services using the same design which is used on


On Fabula Shop you can find our, but also your products as well. Where you can find authentic products which promote cultural heritage, all in one place.


We professionally design one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) barcodes. Let your own barcode be a part of your product


Culture is one of the most important elements of Croatian identity. This is confirmed by the fact that Croatia was placed third on UNESCO’s list of intangible Cultural Heritage in 2015. , right behind China and India. Culture of each country  defines a unique value for placing products on the international market which puts products in a certain context. Culture also makes creating a brand easier. Brand is not just economical, yet a philosophical mechanism which is most efficient when it is based on cultural heritage. With FABULA CROATICA we want to make our contribution in promoting culture through new products and services.

The main aim of the project is to show that cultural heritage can be a solid foundation for making a high-quality product. We want to prove that it is possible to create a product from a long-forgotten identity that would be desireable to modern society.


Language and script are the foundation of every nation and culture. We used this fact for building our idnetity. We chose glagoljica as our visual code because it is a part of Croatian identity.



On our seminar, you will learn how to use design to enhance your selling skills. We will show you why desing is important and how to find your potential clients easier. You can find more about seminars, programme, and opinions of our attendants here.



Proizvodima promoviramo kulturnu baštinu i njene vrijednosti iz koje crpimo inspiraciju. Naši su proizvodi na tržištu opisani kao kvalitetni poslovni pokloni i suveniri s pričama.