You have a product, but don’t have a web page or a designer? You are at the right place! For creating a prefect web page to promote your own products, you only need Your own photos and a text. Using FABULA CROATICA’s template web page, you gain access to tools which allow you to create your own web page. From there, you can share your ideas with the world.


You don’t have a domain nor a hosting service? Do you produce high-quality products or services? Using FABULA CROATICA’s template web page, you can promote and sell them via FABULA DOMENA or FABULA SHOP.

Upiši naziv svoje FABULA DOMENE

After you’ve chosen a domain, you can go to payment. The price includes unlimited web space, template which allows you to create a web page and an opportunity to sell your products via a web shop.

After registration, your password will be used for entering a console which allows you to manage your own web page. You can register by clicking on an icon in the top right corner.

Lowest price on the market for the service you get

For the price listed below, you get unlimited web space to create your own web page using a simple FABULA CROATICA console. Besides that, you can sell your products via FABULA SHOP – a specialized web-shop for selling products and services from Croatia. Our wish is to gather manufacturers and everyone who create new values that has the same goal of promoting cultural heritage and it’s values. Therefore, everyone looking for these kind of products will be able to find them in one place. Become a part of the story.